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Community Improvements

2024 Community Survey

We want to hear from you!

The BPOA is collecting feedback from the community to help us

plan for future improvements and focus on those things

most important to residents.

Hard work and dedication from the community and the Park Committee made our new playground vision possible. More improvements are on their way! September 2023


Thanks to Evelyn and Jim Kovachik for donating their creativity and time to build this awesome library!  Check it out on the corner of Kenmare Bay and Westland Drive.  June, 2019


BPOA would like to thank Robin Allen and other community members for their continued effort to give a much needed facelift to many of the signs in our community.  The signs pictured below are only some examples of their great work.  Thank you and great community spirit!  2018-2019

BPOA would like to thank Wiesia Drewniak for her work on one of the message boards at Alberto Aiello Park.  The migratory birds of Canada poster is very interesting and educational and the new shingles look great!  Check it out on your next visit to the park.  Another great community improvement!  May 2018.

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