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Local Services Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is an online version of the physical bulletin boards that are placed around the Belair Properties area.  This is a great place for Belair Properties owners to look for local services provided by other Belair Properties owners such as snow clearing, yard work, pet care, etc.

If you have a local service you would like to advertise on this site, please let us know by sending us your information using the form below.  All information you provide will be publicly available for website visitors to use in order to understand the service you provide and to contact you directly to discuss the service.  Only local services will be sale items will be posted.

Thank you...your service will be posted online soon.

Local Services

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Service Details:


Trim dog or cat nails:  $10

Tick Spray:  $8 (safe for pets and children).

Apawthecary CBD Oil for treatment of pain and anxiety in dogs.

Colloidal Silver:  $23.45

Pet Care

Contact Information:


Carol Yule


Cat and Dog

Service Details:


Sit back, relax, and read a good book while at the cottage.  If you are looking for something different to read, check out the Belair Properties Libbrary on the corner of Kenmare Bay and Westland Drive.  


Feel free to pick up a book or magazine and please return when you are done.  Also, please feel free to donate your unwanted books and magazines for others to enjoy.

Little Library #1

Thanks to Evelyn and Jim Kovachik for donating their creativity and time to build this awesome library!

Service Details:


Not finding what you are looking for at the Kenmare Bay library?  Well you now have a second library to find what you need located at located at 3 Lakeview Drive.

Little Library #2

Thanks to the owners of 3 Lakeview Drive for donating their time and effort to create this little library!


Service Details:


Concrete coring and cutting; holes for septic, ventilation, plumbing etc. Concrete cutting services.


Contact Information:


Matthias Schubert


Phone: 204-803-6078

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